What Happens to Your Body If You Start Eating 2 Cloves a Day

The unopened, fragrant pink flower buds of the Indonesian native evergreen clove tree are what are known as cloves. They are among the most widely used spices worldwide. Cloves are well known for their therapeutic benefits in addition to the sweet flavour they lend to foods. We made the decision to inform you about the remarkable health advantages of consuming just two cloves daily.

1. They strengthen the immune system.

Due to their ability to boost the number of white blood cells in the body, which aid in our ability to fight off illnesses, cloves are among the best foods we can consume to support our immune systems. And the vitamin C they contain is solely to blame for that.

2. They improve digestion.

Due to their ability to enhance the secretion of digestive enzymes, cloves can be used as a treatment for digestive problems. They lessen nausea as well. Not to mention, cloves are a rich source of fibre, which supports digestive health and lessens the risk of constipation. Consuming cloves in powder form or after they have been honey-roasted is the most effective way to cure digestive problems.

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