Spice Up Your Garden with Creative Ideas!

1. Use Vegetable Vines to Make a Tunnel

Supplies Required: Gourds or other vine-growing plants; wire awning Making Cost: *$100* A lovely addition to any landscape would be this incredible-looking tunnel. The original owner of the garden shown in this picture first made an awning out of wire. If you're not handy, you can always purchase an identical awning at Lowe's or Home Depot. Next, the gardener planted gourds along the edges of the awning.

Use Vegetable Vines to Make a Tunnel (@vanessacrafting) on Pinterest The vines from the gourds trailed over and upward, resembling an arbour in some ways. It took a mere thirty days for lush, green foliage to emerge. If you're not into gourds, you can plant any plant with long vines or tendrils, such as green beans or peas.

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