The Bossy Animal Club: 14 Members Who Are Not Afraid to Speak Their Minds

1. Hello! Where's your head?

Potential Camera: Nikon D7500 Where to Purchase: Nikon USA Average Price: $1,000–1,400* There is no excuse not to appreciate penguins; they are the most majestic and adorable animal there is. Two magnificent king penguins are depicted in this image by Martin Grace, but there's something odd about it—the first penguin doesn't appear to have a head! Is this similar to the "ghost caught on tape" photos, but with penguins instead?

A headless penguin, Martin Grace, FunnyWildlifeImages This picture, which won the 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, was taken at Volunteer Point in the vast Falklands. The bewildered look on his peer's face can also be explained by the fact that the penguin on the left has his head tucked under his coat.

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