Animals Who Are Not Afraid to Show Their Humans Who's Boss

1. Cub, keep fighting!

Possible Equipment: Canon EOS R6 Mark II camera Where to Purchase: Walmart Average Price: $3,300* Although lions are without a doubt the most powerful animal in the animal kingdom, unlike humans, their throne is not easily passed down through the generations. Every lion cub has to work for its food, and they all stumble along the way.

Sub-tumbling from a tree The image of Jennifer Hadley/ComedyWildlife This image, which won "Overall Winner" at the 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, captures the humble side of lions as a cub tumbles off a tree and tries to pick up its well-known skills. Jennifer Hadley photographed it and gave it the moniker "Not So Cat-Like Reflexes" in honor of the cub, who still had a lot to learn.

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