You Won't Believe These Incredible Coincidences

1. Divided Dusk

What took place was a split-colored sunset. Where: Not confirmed This photo was captured in a way that gives the impression that it is a collage of two separate photographs, even though it is actually one. Although it was captured simultaneously, one side's color was altered by an optical illusion.

Divided Sunset on Reddit (r/interestingasfuck) Though it's unclear how someone managed to capture such an odd shot, it appears that the clouds on the left contributed to the hue shift. This seemingly unrelated image is undoubtedly a lovely puzzle.

2. Complementary Cheese

What took place was that the countertop and blue cheese matched. Where: Not confirmed This wonderful speckled cheese matches the kitchen counter it's resting on, which will either make cheese lovers happy or make cheese haters cringe (which side are you on?).

Cheese Matching @observador/Pinterest This looks like blue cheese, which is just mold that may be eaten. The spots on this cheese are caused by mold, which contributes to its earthy, sharp, and salty flavor. People either love or loathe this powerful cheese—there is no middle ground when it comes to flavor perception.

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