7 Subtle Signs That Can Give Away Your Age

Most women eventually become aware of and try to hide the early symptoms of aging, whether it be by covering up wrinkles or coloring their hair. There are less obvious impacts of aging among the more obvious ones that we initially miss. When it's too late to take action, that's when we start to pay attention to them. Do you know which aging symptoms you ought to pay closer attention to? Here is what we learned from our research to aid you with this pressing query:

7. Ears

The earlobe and the concha (the cartilage between the ear and the head), which are rarely the first things that most people notice, gradually lose their natural suppleness with age. Women who enjoy wearing large earrings are especially vulnerable to such changes. What to do to stop it: Large, weighty earrings pose a serious risk of straining the earlobe. Avoid wearing them as much as you can if this upsets you. It is preferable to remove any jewelry, even a modest pair of stud earrings, before retiring to bed. Use a lotion to constantly nourish and moisturize your ears if you want to keep their shape. Your skin's suppleness will remain considerably longer if you do this.

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