5 Ways to Check the Quality of Your Drinking Water

It's not always certain if the water from the tap is safe to drink. Sometimes, the quality of the water might even vary over night. Being able to recognize these variations could prevent you from drinking contaminated water. Fortunately, there is a technique to use just three senses to assess the water's quality, exactly like experts do. We'll go over the procedures you should follow to make sure your water is safe to drink.

1. First, observe the water's color.

Start by running your water for a few minutes. This will unclog the tap and remove any buildup. Once filled, hold a glass up to the light. A low-quality water supply, such as a river or reservoir, rusty pipes, or upstream pollution can all be indicated by murky, yellow, or brown water.

2. See whether there are any clouds in the water.

Look for any particles or cloudiness in the water. Take your glass of water and turn it to some light. Particles of red, orange, or brown hue may be caused by old or rusted pipes or fittings. The presence of black fragments in the water may be a sign that the hoses are beginning to deteriorate. The presence of excessive chemicals is indicated by general cloudiness.

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